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The Office of the Probate Judge was officially created by Act of the State Assembly on February 11, 1850.  William T. Acree was elected as the first probate judge of Covington County on May 6, 1850.  Probate Court is currently presided over by Judge Stacey B. Brooks, who took office on April 15,2016.

Alabama law provides that only certain kinds of cases can be filed and decided in Probate Court.  These cases include:  Administration of Estates, Probate of Last Will and Testaments, Adoptions, Guardianships and Conservatorships, Involuntary Mental Commitments, Land Condemnations, and Name Changes. 

While it is not a requirement under the law, these cases are typically complicated legal matters and require the assistance of a lawyer.  The Probate Judge and his staff are always willing to assist you if possible, but are prohibited by law from giving legal advice.

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