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This office processes Driver's License renewals Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. The cost of each license is as follows:


Class A - $66.25

Class B - $56.25

Class D - $36.25


Renew your Drivers License online if there is no changes (ex. address, name, organ donor status).


We are limited to only a few items we can take to replace a license:


1. Old picture ID

2. Copy of your birth certificate

3. Someone who works in the COURTHOUSE that personally knows you and will verify you are who you say you are.

4. A copy of your drivers license from your current employer.

If you have a change of address and it is not your renewal time, you can either notify the State that you have moved by sending this form  free of charge to the address listed on the form (note: this will not change your current hard copy license, just update the State system) or come into our office and have it changed on the hard copy for $31.25. 



—The first issuance for a STAR ID must be applied for through an examiner’s office. (Right hand side of courthouse, last door on left, Mon-Wed 8am-12am and 1pm-4pm)


—When you are ready to renew your STAR ID, you may renew in our office.


For more information regarding the STAR I.D. please click here.



—The Probate Office does not have the authority to make changes to driver’s licenses concerning endorsements.


—If you would like to have an endorsement added to your license, the examiner’s office is located at the right, rear of the courthouse. They are available Monday through Wednesday from 8am to 4pm, excluding holidays.


Endorsements can be described as adding a CDL, Vessel, or Veteran status to your license.



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