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Electronic Recording of Documents

On January 17, 2023, the Probate Court of Covington County began accepting certain documents for recording by electronic means. This service is provided through the use of an approved vender, Simplifile. Parties wishing to utilize this type of recording service must first contact Simplifile at for details and procedures.

Submitting a document electronically to the Probate Court DOES NOT confirm, guarantee or validate the recording of a document. The document must be reviewed by Court staff to confirm its acceptance and that the recording fees and taxes are being paid. If the document is accepted, the document will be recorded, and the submitter will be notified. If the document is rejected, the submitter will be notified of the reason for the rejection.

Questions regarding electronic recording of documents should be directed to the Recording Clerks at 334-428-2518 or 334-428-2519.

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The Covington County Probate Court Records and Recording Division offers the R.E.A.A.C.T. (Real Estate Activity Alert and Contact Tool) Program as a free service to alert property owners of potential property fraud. An email notification will be sent within 24 hours to subscribers when a deed, mortgage, lien, or other county-specified land record with subscriber's registered name on it has been recorded in the Probate Court's Records and Recording Division official records.

Questions regarding this new program should be directed to the Recording Clerks at 334-428-2518 or 334-428-2519.

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