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For a complete list of licenses please refer to the BUSINESS LICENSE HANDBOOK.


Contractor License

The contractor's privilege license tax is based upon the annual gross dollar amount of all orders or contracts accepted by the business, excluding state and county road projects.  The fees range from $15 if the Gross Amount of Contracts is between $5,000 and $10,000 to $375 if the Gross Amount of Contracts is over $200,000.  The Estimate of Gross Contracts Under $200,000 Form must be completed and brought into the office during new issuances and renewals if the Gross Contracts is less than $200,000 a year.


Automobile Dealers

Automoblie Dealers are defined as, "Persons dealing in, selling, or purchasing for resale automobiles, trucks, or other self-propelled vehicles."  In order to obtain a Dealer License, one must present the Regulatory License first and with every new year.


Please call 334-428-2510 for any information regarding a business license.  We will help with which license would be applicable to you and prices.





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